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Related article: Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 17:18:37 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 40"Adventures of Tray and Jay 40"PART 40: JAY AND CHET AND A JEEP NAMED CRUZI got a Jeep! I got a Jeep! I got a Jeep! What else? Not that I think I'm God's gift to men like most of the guys you see tooling around in Jeeps, but dang! I like the feel of the driver's seat alright, and the view from behind the wheel, and the way everyone, male and female, breaks their neck straining to get a look at me as I pass just because of the unwritten law about Jeep drivers. I've been saving my tight little butt off, okay, and my pop kind of matched my funds and helped me find a deal. Pop knows shit about cars, like under the hood shit, that I'm totally clueless about. Anyway I call him Cruz. Shit! What else, right? I guess I'm stupid, but I already miss my scooter, but he's still there for shits and giggles. Scooter's my pal.Not like Chet, but still. I had to zoom by and surprise the fuck out of Chetster. I love the way he looks when his jaw drops and his hot brown eyes go limpy, I just wanna slip him some tongue and swap spit with the boy. When he went that way in his front yard as I CRUZED up and leaped out, I damn near jumped his husky bones right there, only the stud was too fast on his feet that were dancing all over the place to get a good look at my new, used, baby blue Jeepster! Hell, yeah! Chet can move, and when he does, forget about getting a piece of him! I know, I've tried more than once.Man, as excited as I was about my new wheels, Chet's new two-tone -- red on blond -- made me shiver. I mean it. I was in Heaven standing on his front lawn watching him move and digging the way the breeze played with his sexy, short, soft hair, not to mention how his thin shorts hugged his firm ass and flopped all over the damn place in front, where his frisky pup/dog bounded around happily inside those lucky suckers! God, I'd do anything to be a boy's shorts, you know? Is that freaky or what? I know I'm a sick bastard! AND I DON'T CARE! HA-HAHHHH!Well finally Chet settled down and ran his hands through his hair and I got real close real fast so I could sniff those wild, funky pits of his that make me so crazy, and yeah, they made me even crazier than usual then so my hand just went out on its own and sort of played with one thick, tangled underarm patch. Shit, Chet just grinned and licked his red lips and slipped a hand up under my T-shirt and tweaked my left nipple, HARD. Damn, you know what came to attention right then and there, and Chet saw it move, even under my dirty, frayed strap and loose sweat shorts.Well there was nothing to say. Chet jumped in shotgun and I slid behind the wheel, and we were outa there, destination unknown. Two healthy, horny 17-year-old boys cruising in a Jeep, and as if that's not hot enough, Chet gets this wild hair up his butt and goes to taking down the top -- yeah, the top! I forgot to mention how Cruz is a convertible or whatever you call Jeeps that do that. So we're moving along nice and totally cool, and Chet did it, he got the roof down."Let the feeding begin!" he said and gave me a wicked, bad boy smile and a high-five, and then we were both giggling all nasty like little boys. Shit, we're bad sometimes, I know it, and so does Chetster. "Ohmygod, Jay, if I had one of these I'd get babes spreading for me left and right! You lucky bastard! Look how they're staring at us! Ohmygod!""If you don't stop teasing me, boy," I warned him, 'cause he was basically playing with himself so hard through his clingy soft shorts that his cock was all stiff and throbbing already, "well, shit, I'm gonna have to pull over and blow you right out here in front of everyone, and you know I'm not joking, dude!"His face went slack and sexy-serious in a heartbeat, and his eyes drooped, and he swallowed and licked his lips again, and I felt some teenage semen spurt out of my hard prick. Then when my buddy's strong, warm, manly hand came out of nowhere and took me by surprise, I totally spazzed all over and grunted so loud I made Chet laugh, and the sight of his beautiful teeth bared by his lips that suddenly spread wide in spontaneous boy pleasure and made his outrageous little guy dimples come out to play, well, fuck me! Yeah, fuck me! Man, I die when any dude pulls unexpected masculine shit like that, Lolita Pussy much less my best pal Chet! I really was ready to whip Cruz over to the side and jump the little bastard, Chet, that is...When I saw some kid sitting on his butt on the sidewalk, his knees up by his head, CRYING! Ohmygod, you know what that does to me. I guess Chet noticed and followed my eyes, and I pulled over fast. We didn't have to say anything, we're both suckers for upset boys, and we were crouching down on either side of the kid in no time. He saw us and just kept crying, only he didn't make any noise, there were just all these tears running non-stop down his cheeks, which were flushed. He was about 15, small and thin, with dark, shiny brown hair that was wet from bad sweats, and his skin was olive usually but like I said he was real flushed from emotion, and his green eyes were red around the edges.Chet and I both put a hand on each of his shoulders automatically, at the same time, and the kid shook and choked back some of the tears. His nose was running all over and he had the sniffles. I eased down to my knees and sat back on my butt and squeezed his neck, and he seemed to settle down a little. It's all I can do not to start sobbing myself when I see anyone like that. It kills me. I looked at Chet, and his cheeks and lips were spazzing, and then he looked at me and did it. Tears welled up in his pretty eyes and spilled over so he wiped them on the shoulders of his T-shirt."What's your name?" I asked gently, and the kid swallowed and focused on me finally. He sniffled, and Chet took off his shirt and carefully wiped the boy's face with it. He's so sweet, he really is. Well, it sure as hell surprised the kid."Uh, Andres," he said softly, quivery, and sucked in a deep breath of relief."That's a beautiful name," Chet said, and Andres turned his worn out eyes on my pal. I'd never seen Chet so caught up with anyone's emotions before, especially a stranger's, but I liked it. Nothing's more beautiful than two boys connecting. Chet took Andres' head in both of his strong hands and just comforted the poor kid. "Come on, boy. Come with us."I just watched in awe as Chet got Andres to stand and walk to the Jeep, and they got in the back while I started him up."Hey, Jay, I've got the house to myself, so let's go there," Chet said. His voice was still shaky, so I pulled into traffic and drove.At the house, Chet helped Andres from the Lolita Pussy Jeep to the door, and I reached in his pocket for the keys to open Lolita Pussy up. In the living room we sat on the couch with Andres between us."Thanks," Andres muttered, embarrassed. "I'm sorry I'm being such a geek.""There's nothing geeky about being hurt, kid," I replied fast and squeezed his knee through his jeans."You can tell us, dude," Chet whispered. "Whatever happened, I mean. Really. I promise.""Yeah," Andres scoffed softly. "That's what my dad said.""Dads are dads, Andres," Chet prodded. "We're friends, okay?""We really are, kid," I added. "I dare you to shock us."Andres looked right in my eyes, then to Chet, and took a deep breath. I got on my knees again on the carpet before Andres Lolita Pussy and settled back on my butt all comfy and just took his ankles in my hands and rubbed them. Andres closed his eyes and worked himself up for whatever it was."I broke up with my girlfriend," he whispered, but we knew there was a lot more than that. He kept his eyes closed the whole time. "My dad was real pissed. She's my third girl, see, and I still haven't done it. My dad says he was 12 when he nailed his first chick, and I just turned 15 so what the fuck is wrong with me? That's my dad saying that, but I mean, what IS wrong with me? Most guys I know are practically begging for action, and two of my girls offered to go all the way. All the way! Then...last night...God. Something's messed up bad with me, dudes, 'cause Cheryl...that's my last girlfriend...put her hand in my pants? I mean she had me in her hand, the whole thing, and she sat there playing with it for five minutes, and I...I...God! Fuck! What's wrong with me? I mean something's wrong with me or I'd know...there must be something medically wrong with me, okay, or I'd have...oh, shit, never mind, this is too gross to talk about, forget it...""Open your eyes, Andres," said Chet, and he ran the fingers of one hand through the little guy's hair, and the boy's eyes opened slowly, scared. "You can get it up when you're alone, right?"Andres blushed and smiled, so cute! He nodded. "Shit, all the time!""Cool," Chet grinned. "So. You masturbate?" Andres' face went all the way red, but he admitted it with a little nod. "Okay. Now tell the truth, dude. What do you think about when you play with yourself?"The thought scared the shit out of Andres, so it was obvious to both me and my buddy. "Nothing," Andres lied poorly, and I couldn't help it."Bullshit," I laughed, and Chet frowned at me. "No, really! EVERYONE thinks about something that trips his trigger whenever he jacks off, whatever it is that does it for him, at least right then. Sometimes it'll change. But most of the time, I bet, you think about someone in particular. Someone you know. Don't know. A celebrity. Someone you saw in a magazine ad. Whatever. But you don't think of nothing. That's bull."Andres' eyes were darting, searching for another lie."Look at me, kid," Chet ordered, and Andres sighed in relief! It was precious! So I was the bad guy! "I used to think all I wanted was pussy. I thought of nothing but pussy all day, every day. Pussy, pussy, pussy! And it's still mostly my thing, okay. But...." He looked at me seriously, but I cracked a big old grin, and his face twisted off in a smile. "But I dig dudes, too, sometimes." The enormity of it started to sink in to Andres, who looked at me suddenly. I flashed him all my teeth and nodded. Andres' eyes went wide! "See, Jay here is my best friend in the world, and I'd probably still be a damn virgin if he didn't show me how sweet it can be with a guy, okay? No shit.""No shit?" Andres echoed. "You're not...messing with me, are you? Tricking me, like my dad?" We both shook our heads. "Because I wondered, I was confused, and I accidentally said something about what I thought...once...playing with myself...and oh my God.">From the wicked gleam in Chet's smoldering eyes, I was sure he was going to take the kid's cherry any second, so I was shocked all to pieces when he turned his passions on me instead and laid the most boiling, Lolita Pussy slurpy, sloppy kiss on my grateful as hell young face! And ohmygod, I'm sorry but I couldn't help it, I just melted all over the place! Good thing Chet wrapped his arms around me fast and held on tight 'cause even on my knees I was headed down hard! Sure I'm a broken-in fag, but fuck me! Like I've said before, my pal Chet's a real man. Oh, how I dig real men!Not only did Chet work me over with his mouth, he also held me in his buff arms and made his twitching manhood known to me down below, okay, known real personal. I could almost taste the sweet Lolita Pussy stuff I knew was leaking out of it right then, and then he went too far. I mean, Chet's hands started prowling my shaky teen body, everywhere, over my neck, my head, my back and shoulders, then that totally vulnerable spot, my button, at the base of my back right before the crack of my ass.Chet pushed my button, and it was all over.I almost cried, and Chet laughed evilly, his sweet stud breath keeping me alive as I whimpered like a damn virgin! He rubbed his nose against mine and bit my lower lip! Fuck yeah, the bastard BIT my lip! Then he sucked some more spit from me and sighed hard into my mouth and stopped. Well, that was cool, okay, because I needed a break, no shit.I could hardly focus, but when I did I saw Andres looking like I felt just from watching two guys getting it on. His soft right hand was down the front of his jeans, and he had the most needful beg thing twisting his innocent little face, and at the same time I saw Chet gently tug Andres' hand out of his pants and pull mine up between the boy's legs, and together we touched the kid where no one ever touched him before, and I swear, all three of us went off as one, just this loud-ass, sexy, masculine groan!Andres' head shot back on the couch from the shock of first contact, and his mouth was frozen in the wide open position but not Lolita Pussy a sound came out after the groan choked off! His Adam's apple spazzed, though, and the rest of his body tensed to the breaking point and shivered. Chet and I looked into each other's eyes and savored the moment. What can I say? Total, unadulterated thrill time, okay.Chet eased Andres' T-shirt up to reveal the softest chest I ever saw on a boy, and this sweaty, black, ragged line of adolescent fur from his belly button down below the shiny top button of the jeans. I stared at that happy trail and fumbled with the laces of his shoes, ripping them off his feet impatiently in the end and then his damp socks. Andres had light, wispy little underarm hairs and bright red, flat, tiny nipples, which Chet couldn't help flicking his nasty tongue over and sending the kid off on another spasm of Lolita Pussy unbearable pleasure! I could have watched them do it all day! But of course...I got to open his jeans. Slow. Breathless (both of us). Loving. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. I swallowed and blinked and swayed there on my knees, and Andres whimpered. Chet's hand stroked mine, and I parted the flaps of the kid's fly and saw the huge saturated circle of sticky stuff around the pulsing head of his cock that was trapped under the clean white cotton of his Jockeys, over on his hip. His dick looked to be about 6.5, slender and hard enough to cut glass. His balls were massive and gave off the combined funky aroma of overactive sweat, sperm and just plain boy, not to mention a nice touch of piss, but under the loose pouch I saw nothing but smooth, riled boy skin, no hair at all around those giant balls.Together, Chet and I tugged at the waist of the jeans until Andres cooperated and lifted his little butt up, and we did the rest. Oh, yeah. Fuckin-A, yeah. I slid my hands up Andres' smooth thighs, which parted willing enough, and then leaned forward into his crotch for a good sniff of the boy. His hands gripped my shaggy head, and he bucked his hips forward for me, and you know I was in Heaven. I never smelled a sexier boy in my life. My tongue escaped from my mouth and tasted what I'd seen under the loose pouch of those Jockeys, his sugar sweet, red hot groove. Andres SCREAMED. Yeah, he did. What else could he do?Suddenly, as my face was buried in his crotch, the scream cut off, and I heard smooching! And panting. And crying. And sucking. Need I say more? I pulled the wet ball pouch aside and really went for it, snarfling the kid's huge, sweet-salty scrotum mercilessly and trying to get my tongue down into his hidden crack. I could smell all of it, everything that goes into a boy's center of balance, his most guarded place. I had to have it, okay.While Chet and Andres were lost in kisses, I got the Jockeys off him and pressed them to my face and breathed and licked him into me. I was drunk off my ass by the time I remembered my bigger need and tossed the spunky undies over Chet's face. I pulled Andres sideways, so his legs were on the couch, and Chet never lost contact with his happy mouth. I kissed Andres' thighs and balls and let my nose play in his dark brown, dense pube patch. I ran my tongue up the length of his semen-slick shaft and heard him choke and had to hold his legs down!Finally I pushed his legs back, and they resisted at first, unsure what I could want down there, but they gave up the fight. I sniffed his crack long and deep and smelled everything again, clearer. When my lips pressed against his virgin, puckered, sweaty boy hole, steam burst from his mouth, and Chet gasped!"Oh, no, Jay, not there! Oh, you can't! It's too dirty..."But I sure as shit did. I ate the boy fast and familiar, and he screamed again. God, I love to make a dude scream. He screamed on and on and on until it reached a pitch I recognized, and I stopped suddenly and slipped my middle finger in fast and hard and grabbed Chet's flustered head and pulled good until it was down to Andres' jumping cock, and Chet took over then and went down on the overwhelmed 15-year-old dude.I felt Andres' butt muscles seize my finger for dear life, and I watched Chet's face explode with joy as the kid's first non-solo orgasm rocked both their worlds! Chet went bright red with intense pleasure and swallowed as fast as he could. He looked like he was sucking on a big pacifier! Andres choked and shivered off and finally let go of my finger, which I pulled out slowly and sniffed and sucked on like Chet was still doing to that tasty pecker. The boy's insides were funky like his nads and just as sweet and clean. I dove in for another taste of him direct from the source, and he moaned deeper.Chet and I stopped at the same time and leaned close for a taste of our mouths and the different parts of Andres they held, and it was too wild for words. Without warning, Chet dropped and bared my gushing cock and swallowed it whole as Andres watched, fascinated and ready for more, apparently. He was jerking himself steady again. I lost it right off and spewed my load down Chet's throat and held onto his head and Andres' chest for support.I could tell Andres wanted Chet bad, and I couldn't wait to see it. Chet stayed on my pole until it was totally dry but still rock hard, and Andres pulled at his neck until Chet looked and saw the fire in the kid's eyes and recognized it immediately. Chet stood and dropped his shorts and Boxers and straddled Andres' chest and let the boy take him at his own pace. Andres' hands gripped Chet's ass cheeks gently and tugged, and Chet's ass flexed as he leaned forward and into the most ready, willing mouth that ever sucked his big hard cock.I moved to where I could watch it all, and Andres' eyes were open and droopy, not wanting to miss any of his first penis, and sometimes it was too much and he gagged and choked, but when Chet tried to ease back Andres would have none of that and pulled harder on the older teen's tense butt. Chet's face showed how hard he tried not to squirt, but putting everything into his first suck off, Andres somehow forced Chet's pecker all the way through his outraged throat so his nose was buried all the way in Chet's wild pubes, and of course Chet lost it for real. I mean, he went off. He coiled up all over into a body of steel and then sprang, and I could practically see the jiz gushing out of his cock from the look of happy disbelief on Andres' face even though he was obviously choking bad! Really, he choked so bad his eyes watered and snot came out his nose, but he loved every fucking spurt and throb of it!Well, so did Chet, and I was Lolita Pussy ready for more! We were all naked finally, and Chet lifted Andres' head and shoulders up so he could sit and let the boy's head rest in his lap, and I eased under Andres' legs."What you did with your finger, Jay?" Andres said shyly. "That was really cool. I never thought I'd get into anything like that. With my butt, I mean.""Finger-fucking's fun, kid, but the real thing is where it's really at," I said matter-of- factly. Andres sat up and grabbed me, my still-hard dick, and I jumped a little! Shit!"Is that what you like, Jay?""Kid, I like anything you feel like trying," I smiled, breathing hard, and he looked over his shoulder at Chet."I'd love a piece of your ass, Andres," Chet said bluntly.Andres stood and looked from one of us to the other and swallowed hard. "Uh, no offense, Chet? But...I think maybe you better go first."FIRST?"Umm, because I don't know if I can handle Jay's thing first time, see," Andres finished, embarrassed. "So...tell me what to do, okay, because I never got this far in my jerk-off fantasies, I always came way before this part."Oh, shit! The kid knows how to make a guy's dick grow!Chet and I stood together and looked at each other, and Chet stepped behind Andres and wrapped his arms around the smooth body. Andres was ready, I could see. He wasn't afraid. Chet just pushed down on his shoulders and they kneeled together. Then Chet pushed gently on Andres' back, and the boy fell forward onto his hands and knees. That's when I saw a little fear come into his eyes, but he looked up at me and grinned anxiously, and I winked like the bad boy I am. His soft brown eyes settled on my bouncing cock, so I stepped forward and kneeled before Lolita Pussy him and took his head between my hands, and he went for it. The little stud learned fast. He bobbed his head easy up and down, working on my big round cock head at first.Chet held onto Andres' hips and pumped his hard-on steadily between Andres' tight cheeks, and I grew mesmerized by the even thrust of Chet's beautiful, throbbing head and shaft jutting up above the boy's back. Andres took more and more of me into his mouth and throat, sometimes trying to go too fast so I had to gently hold him back, and he sensed what I was doing and willed himself to slow it down. But he kept taking more! Pretty soon I was almost all the way in him, all 9.5" of prime Lolita Pussy American teenage dick! And the little bastard's face glowed with queer pride when the last of my meat breached his throat, and he didn't even choke! I played with his soft hair and ears, and he smiled and sniffed my short hairs, and Chet spit a big wad in his hand...I stayed still and watched Chet lube his riled meat, and I know Andres forgot what was happening back there, which I decided was a good thing, and Chet looked into my eyes like he had second thoughts, serious second thoughts, and I licked my lips and shook my head and grinned, and then he smiled that wicked, powerless way he does, and I saw his teeth clench and his lip go up, and Andres' mouth loosened on my cock as he grunted! Too late now! Chet took the kid fast, like Tray taught me. It's best that way, usually.Andres turned beet red, and his eyes slammed shut, and he panted real fast over and over, so I grabbed his head harder and went to fucking his face, to distract him, and I don't know for sure if it was that or whatever, but the boy got into it! His gasping turned into groaning in pleasure, and slurping on my huge cock, and Chet more or less lost it and pounded the kid's poor ass, and I felt Andres' teeth hit my pubes every time Chet rammed that mean fucker in to the hilt.I leaned over Andres and stroked his back with one hand while the other slipped under him and worked his dick, and that bad puppy was dripping all over the carpet. I let his stuff slick up my hand good and slid it all over his shaft and his big swinging nuts, and I heard the deep, intense satisfaction flooding through Andres' prone body that was finally being used the way he'd always needed it to be used, both ends at once, okay, like a man really needs whether he knows it or not. I pity those who don't know it, too. I was getting worked up with Andres, excited to feel and be a part of his awakening, his birth as a sexual young man. What a fucking thrill, I mean it."Oh, holy fuck, Andres, I'm sorry, but I tried and I can't help it, so here goes," Chet got out fast, weird, and then he kicked into hyper drive or something and just wailed on that kid's virgin asshole! I mean Chet screwed the boy harder than I thought anyone could take! That's when I knotted up and squirted off in Andres' mouth, just from the wild-ass sexual revelation of it! That a man could buttfuck someone so hard that the guy getting it up the ass could stay all the way down on a 9.5" erupting cock for several minutes without coming up for air! I never saw it happen that way before, I swear!Then when Chet went for it, he yelled low and primitive and spraying spit all over hell and gone, baring his teeth like a fucking wild man and planting that senseless mancock of his up the guts of that crazy-assed newcomer, who pulled off of my tool finally to yell..."FUCK YEAH CHET, OH FUCK YEAHHHHHH!"His face settled onto my loose, happy balls as he laughed deliriously and cooled them with his sexy breath, and I spread the sweat all over back with my hand. Chet pulled out with a hot plunk sound, and Andres grunted."Hey, boy, want to taste something really hot?" I asked Andres, and he just swallowed and nodded, beside himself with joy. I turned him around to face Chet, who settled back onto his butt and tried to catch his breath as Andres and I crawled toward him. I lay on my stomach and licked Chet's shiny hard pole and he patted my head lovingly. Andres made a funny face, like are you kidding or what, so I cocked my head at him and he got down on his stomach beside me and shrugged and went for it, after a good sniff first.I watched the look on his face change from the disgust he expected to surprise and finally that cool look, the part where he digs it and likes that he digs it, because he knows it's only him he's tasting and it's not dirty, it's rich and strong and manly and he can taste Chet's spit, too. So we both licked Chet's pole good and thorough, and Andres ended up going all the way down on him again, and while the kid was busy with that I lay on top of him and kissed the back of his neck under his short hair and panted onto him in my rising excitement...And then I entered him, slowly, because sometimes you have to take it easy, okay, and I was into giving the boy even more manly pleasure."Ah...ah...ah!" Andres grunted as I somehow forced all of it up his outraged little boy bubble butt, and then, when it was as far as it could go, "OH MAN! OH MAN, JAY! I DID IT! GOD, I TOOK IT! UHHHH!"I sagged my whole weight on top of him and felt his insides conform to my monster, and my arms wrapped under his and my hands took his shoulders and I went to it. I humped the kid good and steady, and the sounds of shocked ecstasy drove me insane! Chet lay on his stomach and kissed on Andres some more that way while I screwed his adapting hole wildly. I'm sure no one ever loved having me inside him more than Andres did then. I felt his inner heat flaring from all over body, and it got real slick and fun to fuck, and I licked his juices up off his skin, and sometimes Chet would pause in kissing Andres to lean further and smooch on me, and that was more than I could take for sure!Still part of me was holding back, and I guess Andres could tell, because suddenly he choked and went, "Please, Jay, don't hold back! Please! Do it like Chet did it! Harder! Hard! REAL HARD!"Oh, fuck! I'm not responsible for what I did to that little dude then, okay, really. He asked for it, and I gave it to him. I clamped my thighs down on his narrow hips and dug my fingernails into his shoulders and bit down on his sweat-soaked short brown hair and felt my heart pounding into his chest and his racing back into mine, and I just did it. I fucked Andres as hard as I possibly could, hard and fast, and I knew I'd die of a heart attack on top of the poor kid but I kept fucking, on and on, like a machine only living and breathing and panting and dripping sheets of sweat onto him and tasting my own sweat as it got through the creases of my mouth!When the deep, inner animal in me took over, and I felt myself really planted inside the kid even when I was pulling out for another full thrust in, and our hearts were going in sync, and our panting, and my eyes open and locked deliriously with Chet's which shined back at me, the uncontrollable rush of sexual release flooded up from my loins and through my chest and screaming out of my entire body until Andres sensed it or felt it or whatever and chuckled hoarsely and reached his hands back to my ass to drive it HARDER...And I blasted my wad deep inside Andres where some of me will always be now. I wanted to cry but I was too crapped out, and besides my cock was rocketing off up the kid's guts and he was making sounds like he was squirting, too!"I! I! UUUUNNNGHHHH!" he managed, and that said it all. My eyes were closed, but I knew Chet's penis when it slipped into my mouth and fired off a big load of his spunk, and some part of me thought...yeah, the circle's complete.
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